Cape Fear Real Estate is on the Rise!

Wilmington NC – Remember when the housing market was really good? For the first time in a long time I’m feeling the market come back to life. says home sale prices have actually gone up… Almost 2 percent in the past 5 years

Major Rehab – Needed Everything

This house was a major rehab! It needed everything. Downtown and condemned by the city. 3 coats of paint to all interior doors, ceilings, closets, walls, backer board, bead board, shoe molding, after prep work finished. Major rehab Weather stripping installed around...

Easy Rehabs and Fixer Uppers – Part 1

Sure, there has been this huge trend for people wanting fixer uppers, but seldom do you see retail buyers buying them. Even if the house is $100,000 below market in a super popular first time home buyers neighborhood, the house itself will not qualify for a FHA or VA...

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