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A coach is someone who enters your life and changes it forever.

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When most people hear the word coach, their heart immediately goes to a warm place. A coach is someone who enters your life and changes it forever. In athletic circles, a coach spends hour after hour with his athletes, for months and years on end. The bond that is created is second to none. Why? Because they are co-laboring for a single cause. To win. Coaches help people win.

If you want to win in this game of real estate investing, you need to be coached. Imagine a gymnast with no coach. No one to train them. No one to watch them and then tell them how to get better. No one to push them. Their chance of winning is virtually nil.

The same is true in investing. You’re new at this and thus are green. Fluorescent green! You don’t know what you don’t know. But, a good coach does! Or, you are set in your ways, and need someone to show you a new way.

When I hired my first coach I was amazed at what he did for me. I had listened to every seminar and guru out there. I racked up the miles going from one training event to the next. I spent thousands educating myself. But, I was still missing something.

You see, the dots still were not connecting. I didn’t understand the market. I didn’t know which moves to make, when to strike, or when to hold back. I needed strategy and I needed tactics. None of the info I had collected was able to tell me what to do in real life scenarios. They taught me to buy low and sell high. They taught me to run comps. They taught me some jargon and told me tons of stories that motivated me. But, they didn’t tell me how to win.

I didn’t just want to buy and sell a few houses here and there. I wanted to take this thing by storm. I didn’t just want to understand the market, I wanted to control it. I wanted to shape it. I wanted to be a leader, not a lagger. And my coach taught me how to do it.

So, how do you find a great coach? Let me give you a few ideas. I think they’ll help.

What does a great coach look like? What does he (or she) do?

First, a winning coach knows the trail. He/She has been down it a hundred times before, not just once or twice. This isn’t just an expensive exercise of the blind leading the blind. This coach is a winner who has won before and will win again. They knows the path to victory like the back of their hand. If you’re smart, you’ll listen to every word they utter. That’s what Delinda did, and it has changed her entire life. Don’t let yourself follow a coach who will lead you down the wrong path — one that leads to defeat, also known as financial ruin. A winning coach will help chart the course and then keep you on it.

Second, a winning coach sees things with clarity.  His/her vision is 20-20. What do they see? Well, they see the market.  They see trends and direction before others can. They see people and can help you pick a great team. They see deals before they’re ever formed. More than anything, they see you. They see your strengths and weaknesses. They see your bad habits. Sees your fears. I mean, they see it all. This vision is something you’ll only find through one-on-one training. It’s not available any other way. 

Third, a coach who wins always speaks the truth. He/she are honest with you. They’re upfront and if they[re not, they’re worthless. He/she is like a doctor who is too cowardice to tell you that you have cancer. Instead, they pretend everything is okay, after all, you’re still paying them! A coach who can’t or won’t point out your weak points is also worthless, and an enormous waste of money. Coaches coach. Let them shape you. Where else would you turn? 

A coach who wins is a coach who can communicate effectively. This is vitally important. You see, a coach that can’t strike a chord with his athlete is incapable of inciting change. If the messages he sends out aren’t received, growth can’t take place. There are plenty of subject matter experts in any given field that are lousy communicators. That’s not what you need. You need a coach who cares and can communicate. How else can you learn? 

A winning coach tells you what to do. He/She guides you and helps you make major decisions. As a newbie investor, you will face situations that baffle you. You’ll be lost, I guarantee it. And the person who can keep your feet grounded and your way secure is your coach. Let him/her teach you. Let him/her direct you. Trust their advice (But, bear in mind that no one is right 100% of the time.) 

Perhaps more than anything, a winning coach believes in you. It took me two years to finally buy my first property. I had attended all those seminars, read the books, and watched the videos. But when push came to shove, I froze. I was too afraid to pull the trigger. What ultimately got me moving was my coach. How? He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. That mindset was contagious. I put off the fear and put on self-confidence. Luckily, I never looked back. But, I promise you this, if my coach hadn’t believed in me, I probably would have left the industry before I ever entered it.  

Delinda’s Coaching Programs or Mastermind Groups

Mastermind-This is a year long program designed for people that love to be a part of a community. Our close-knit group contains people of all investing levels that want to continue to grow their wealth, along with my team of Investing Experts that have experience in whatever area you are needing. We will do a conference call once a month and meet in person once a quarter. This group is going to hold you accountable, support you, and help you grow. The group dynamics really helps you to feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. No more Lone Ranger! 

Coaching-If you are more of a one on one person than Delinda has just the solution. A six-month program, with one thirty-minute call per week, weekly reporting, four live events a year for free, and access to her team. She is also available for emergencies. 

If you are interested in either program, or something else, please click here to tell us a little bit about yourself or call our office at 910-444-1008.

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