Delinda Harrelson – The Real Estate Flipping Coach

Some people are under the impression that real estate flipping is not right for them. They think that everybody else can make money through real estate flipping, but if they themselves were to try, they will get nowhere in a hurry. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Do You See What I See? Why Profitable Flipping Requires Vision!

It takes more than a hammer and nails to make money when flipping houses. It takes creativity. It takes vision. Every house is unique. So is every deal. No two are the same. No two neighborhoods, two yards, two homes are the same. And, consequently, no two flips can...
Elite Real Estate Investor Interview

Elite Real Estate Investor Interview with Delinda Harreleson

Below is my interview with Business Innovators Magazine.  

Flipping Houses: How to Find Deals (Part 1 of 4)

Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but execution is everything! I love that phrase! As we start the new year, thousands of people are thinking about flipping a house this year. Some are considering leaving their 9-5 job to focus entirely on flipping houses. Kudos to you!...

Make 2018 Your Best Year Ever! Invest in Real Estate!

Who's NOT ready for a great year? Who's NOT excited about a booming real estate investing market? I know I am! We're all hopeful that this year will be the one we've been waiting for. There's no doubt that there is real estate money out there to be made. The question...
House Flip or Flop

The Pitfalls of Restored Homes: House Flip or Flop

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) First Published By: Casey Roman, Investigative Reporter As the housing market has improved and home remodeling shows gain popularity, interest in renovating and reselling homes has never been higher. People want in on what...

Flip a House for Profit in Less than 4 Months

Can you really buy a house for $150,000 and sell it for $265,000 in less than four months? Yes! It isn't the norm and it isn't often, but, yes! You can! The owners of this house wanted to sell their house and buy a newer one. Unfortunately, they had no gameplan for...
Building Financial Independence by Investing in Real Estate

Tips to Building Financial Independence by Investing in Real Estate.

So here is what has always amazed me: only about 5% of those newbie investors even buy one house. Why is that? Here is the “Why is that?” answer.

Hints to becoming a successful real estate investor

Helpful Hints for Successful Real Estate Investing

Becoming a real estate investor is relatively easy, you purchase a house below retail, fix it up, and sell it for more than you paid for it. Sounds easy enough, right? But becoming a real estate investor and being a successful real estate investor are two different...
7 Must Know Steps to Be Profitable at Real Estate Investing

7 Must-Know Steps to Be Profitable at Real Estate Investing

The Next Level Institute is dedicated to helping real estate investors – whether a brand new or a seasoned investor – become more successful with less effort. Get your free 4-part mini course on finding deals AND learn the 7 keys to sucking in the deals faster than a “Hoover” vacuum!


Home in Need of Love

Curb appeal includes a lot more than the lawn and fence. In addition to improving the landscaping, look at the physical condition of the property. One key area to note is the roof. If the roof is aging and only has a few years left, you will get a good return on your...

Anybody can get into real estate flipping The question is, will you flip or flop? With a bit of training, you can learn how to flip properties. With an experienced coach like Delinda, with several hundred transactions under her belt, your chance of flopping just went down immensely…  If you’re coachable, that is.

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