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What is the best way to find a real estate deal? It really depends on your current situation, but here are 12 Creative Ways to Find Real Estate Deals!

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When most people hear the word coach, their heart immediately goes to a warm place. A coach is someone who enters your life and changes it forever!

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Why am I a proud sponsor of Historic Wilmington Foundation?

Award Winning Rehabs

We want to Thank Mayor Saffo, George Edwards and the Wilmington Historical Society.
Thank you for continuing to acknowledge true passion and talent restoring Historic Homes with the Prestigious Historical Preservation Awards in our glorious town of Wilmington, NC!

Delinda loves what she does and it makes it even better when others recognize the commitment and hard work that goes into restoring these true beauties.



Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

Some people are under the impression that real estate flipping is not right for them. They think that everybody else can make money through real estate flipping, but if they themselves were to try, they will get nowhere in a hurry. But, nothing could be further from the truth.


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Who is Delinda Harrelson?

In 2002, Delinda Harrelson was like so many people trapped in a soul sucking job, working more than 40 hours a week, longing for something so much more……FREEDOM!

Having raised millions of dollars, flipped hundreds of properties, created a passive income portfolio, coached and trained people from all walks of life, she has become a respected leader in her community by winning numerous awards, made public appearances on ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates, and written two books.

Before and After

Delinda’s Skills

While Delinda is an accomplished investor in many real estate arenas (wholesaling, buy-and-hold, lease options, rehabbing, etc.), she is best known as a flipper — leading her to be dubbed The Flipping Coach.

Over the years, Delinda has played a part in more than 500 flips — as an investor, coach, or consultant. She has flipped houses of all shapes, sizes, and ages, in different types of neighborhoods spanning more than fifteen cities. She has successfully flipped in both up and down markets.

Few coaches, if any, have more concrete experience or proven expertise in real estate flipping.

  • Finding Deals
  • Rehabbing
  • Budgeting

“Anybody can get into real estate flipping The question is, will you flip or flop? With a bit of training, you can learn how to flip properties. With an experienced coach like Delinda, with several hundred transactions under her belt, your chance of flopping just went down immensely…  If you’re coach-able, that is.”

Client testimonials

“This is a big shout out to Delinda Harrelson to thank her for sharing her real estate expertise, which gave me the confidence to successfully sell my home in 14 days (during the worst time of year to sell a home historically…over the Christmas and New Year holidays), WITHOUT a real estate agent AND at the highest price point possible. Specifically, $20,000 over the highest neighborhood comp. Her knowledge is priceless and powerful!

Thanks again Delinda! You are a born leader and ethical teacher, who I am honored to call a life long friend.”

‎Kim Buerman‎


Real Estate Investing Uncensored

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