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Hi, I’m Delinda! Through my live seminars, books and blogs, I educate my clients — equipping them for excellence!

About Delinda

In 2002, Delinda Harrelson was like so many people trapped in a soul sucking job, working more than 40 hours a week, longing for something so much more……FREEDOM!

She began a quest to discover how to quit her job, have enough money to live (until she figured out a way to get passive income to support whatever the heck she wanted to do), not have to answer to anyone, but most importantly, to have the freedom to design a life worth living and that is exactly what she did through real estate investing.

Having raised millions of dollars, flipped hundreds of properties, created a passive income portfolio, coached and trained people from all walks of life, she has become a respected leader in her community by winning numerous awards, made public appearances on ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates, and written two books.

What makes her unique is her knowledge of different types of deal structuring to ensure the most profit possible. She gained this knowledge by focusing on one area of investing at a time, to master it. Once she was confident and tested her knowledge of this strategy, she would move on to the next one.

My History

Paralyses of Analysis

Like thousands before me, I bought the course, joined some investing groups, and chased the industry as hard as I could. I studied everything I could get my hands on. But, somehow, I was stuck. After two years, I still hadn’t invested a single nickel.

Made the Leap of Faith

Finally, I pulled the trigger and got my first deal done. I made a whopping $500! Woohoo!  Hey, at least it wasn’t a loss. It was a pivotal moment because that money was money I made on my own as a REAL ENTREPRENEUR!.

Now I have bought and sold over 250 properties

Delinda has also been involved in hundreds more through consulting, mentoring, and coaching. And even after facing the worst real estate market in decades, she can happily say that that win was the first of many.

Don’t leave money on the table!

To top it off, Delinda can show you how to create a niche in whichever area you choose, and command top dollar for it. Her flips and rentals yield the highest price in the areas she invests in, and yours should do the same. Don’t leave money on the table because it will take you more deals to meet your goals.

My Approach

The more strategies you know as an investor, the more money you make.

Let’s say you are a flipper, the deal of a lifetime comes along, but you don’t know how to raise private funds, do you think that would hurt you? Or what if a property comes along and the numbers do not work for a flip.

If you knew how to wholesale a deal, you would be able to take that deal and put money in your pocket. In a lot of markets, the rents are high.

If the numbers don’t work as a flip, let me show you how to maximize your returns on that rental, which may yield more money than a flip.

Whether you want to lend money, borrow money, flip houses, wholesale, have rentals, do lease options, flip land, I have extensive experience in each area, and wants to help you to design your life based on one of these strategies.

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