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Flipping Secrets All Day Seminar

Putting You Ahead of Your Competition ASAP!

The top secrets that help you succeed in flipping. This will include FINDING DEALS, FINDING CONTRACTORS, FINDING PRIVATE MONEY, FINDING THE BEST TEAM, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Ever wonder why some people really excel at flipping while others fall flat on their face? Have you listened to the out of state “Gurus” that fly into town, bombard you with flipping commercials promising you ways to buy real estate with no money, no credit, and basically no effort? What about the TV shows that paint flipping as such an easy endeavor? Do you really believe that is true for the masses? If you are like so many others out there, you know there is a catch. But what is it? The catch is there is more to it! Secrets that are seldom, if ever discussed. Why? Because most of these Speakers, are just that, and don’t have real world, in the trenches experience. For the few that do have experience, they aren’t Industry leaders like Delinda Harrelson that creates change, sets trends and gets top dollar for flips, wholesale deals and rentals.
Whether you are new to flipping, experienced, or a failed flipper like most of the ones out there, this class is for you. Flipping is hard. There are things you must avoid if you want to make money. You must accept that just like any other profession, there is knowledge you need that you do not have when you have not flipped hundreds of houses. I know, there are tons of “Gurus”, and courses all over the internet. I ask you, if flipping is so easy, then why are so many people failing at it? Is it possible, it is the training or trainer? Maybe it is you? All of this will be revealed in this one-day seminar.

It doesn’t matter what your background is in real estate. We have seen tons of Home Builders, Realtors, Landlords, and Appraisers fail at flipping. To take years off your learning curve, you need education from someone with a proven track record. Not someone that went under in the downturn and when the market is hot, they are back. Not someone that has done one deal and is now a Speaker or Coach. Even if you have made money on a few flips, I can pretty much guarantee it did not go how you thought. It took longer, cost you more money than you thought, you had unexpected repairs, and let’s not forget the challenge of managing the whole process like managing the contractors. Yikes! That alone will send you to the funny farm.

If you want to make money, reduce your risk, and be in the game for a long time, you need training from the best… a true leader in the industry that makes trends happen. Someone that has been through hundreds of deals, multiple real estate cycles, with a track record of getting top dollar, not just for herself, but her coaching clients as well, and she has 17 years of experience! That should tell you something.

With all this knowledge, experience and proven track record, why teach a seminar? One, it is her passion. Talk to her for five minutes and you will see it. Two, she is tired of broke, in debt flippers driving down market values. Every time she gets the highest sale, a broke or uneducated flipper drives the prices down even in a HOT SELLERS MARKET. Her passion is to teach people the secrets, so they don’t stay broke and they make money. Helping everyone in the community.

It doesn’t matter how hot the market is, people are failing right and left. Whether it is breaking even, losing money, or just not being able to sell the property, the masses are struggling. Yes, there are some that have exceled, but that is simply not the norm. If it was, then why are you even reading this long, winded letter? You want more for your life. You are not where you want to be, and you know real estate investing can get you there with the right training/trainer, so let’s go!! Sign up for this one-day seminar and be light years ahead of your competition.

Delinda Harrelson will teach you the top secrets in the industry that the masses, your competition, do not know! You will learn more in one day from her than years trying to learn this stuff on your own or listening to the “GURUS”. I can promise, you have no idea what you don’t know, and this will cost you in the end. No matter how hot the market is now, it will change, and you need to be prepared for it when it happens. Make the most money now, so you are prepared when the market turns again. THE CLOCK IS TICKING!


April 27th, Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm


$99 for the day, less than most people’s Starbucks Bill! If you can’t spend $99 for this kind of training, you need to hang up your investing hat! It is a STEAL OF A DEAL!

What to Bring?

A jacket, pen/pencil, paper

What You Get?

  • Delinda Harrelson, Best Selling Author, Real Estate Uncensored Book
  • Delinda Harrelson, Best Selling Multi-Author, Business Leaders Book
  • Tons of Valuable Information
  • Contacts
  • Fun
We’re sorry, we are no longer acception registrations for this event.
Stay tuned! In I will be doing live seminars in a number of markets in the US.

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