The past few years have been challenging for a number of reasons. Like all challenging times, there are people that make money regardless, and  Delinda Harrelson is one of those people! Having invested full time in real estate since 2000, with hundreds of transactions under her belt, she is considered a leader in Real Estate Investing due to her ability to go into any market and change it by doing what most people won’t.

It doesn’t matter if it is Raleigh, Durham, Jacksonville, Wilmington, Fayetteville, or parts outside of North Carolina, she finds, creates, and finances deals, regardless of the type of market. Delinda does not do what the masses do and does things her way, and that is why her methods are successful regardless of the economy.

In the worst economic downturn she was getting more money for her houses than people are getting now in a hot sellers market! How is that even possible? It is called strategy and that is exactly what she will be teaching.

Who is this class for?
– Anyone that wants to earn extra money
– Anyone that wants a complete career change
– Anyone in the industry that has not achieved the results they’ve wanted
– Anyone trying to find deals for their client.
This includes syndications, real estate agents, wholesalers, insurance companies, and hedge funds.
– Anyone that doesn’t want to be like the masses running around desperate to find deals.
– Anyone that is committed to being the best and creating wealth
– Anyone that wants freedom
– Anyone that is fearful of the upcoming economy or election results
– Anyone that wants to make more money on their house

We guarantee you will learn more in a few hours than you will on your own or being surrounded by the wrong people.

If you want to control your destiny, carve out some time for this information packed event!

Sign up now! Seats are limited.

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