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“We went to a meeting at a house Delinda was rehabbing and it was informative, fun, and I learned a ton. Thanks Deli D!” Michael H.

Whether you are new at real estate investing, or a seasoned veteran, here is what you can learn from Delinda Harrelson.

“I am new at real estate investing, how can you help me?”

For people new to investing, know that I am the real deal. As a full time real estate investor for 17 years, I can teach you the pitfalls to avoid in real estate investing which will help you make money the fastest, easiest and stress free way. I have a reputation for getting the most money for my deals and there is a system to getting it.

Whether you want to flip, wholesale, lend money, lease option or be a landlord, learn from me, someone that thrived in the worst economic downturn by setting record breaking sales, with the shortest days on market and even getting the highest rents. I can teach you how to make the most money for your time with no credit, without using your money, which minimizes your risk.

If you want to lend, I can show you what to look for when lending and it has little to do with the deal. Don’t listen to these speakers that went bankrupt and now are back because the market is hot. You need someone that understands all real estate cycles and how to benefit with the least amount of risk from each.

“I am a seasoned investor, how can you help me?”

For someone with experience, I can assure you that if you follow my recipe for success, we can put more money in your pocket with less time. Shave off months of time, headaches, and money spent by learning how I have gotten the highest sales, rents, lease option prices in the easiest and fastest amount of time.

Most of my deals are done with none of my own money or credit. Too many investors fail when the market is hot because there are people that have learned how to do things faster, better and easier, which makes them do circles around people without these new techniques. No matter how much success you have had, or not had, you can always learn new techniques to make more money.

Sometimes even learning new contract clauses or sayings can make all of the difference in closing a deal. Learn from me, the master of investing how to get the most out of your time, giving you more out of your life.

Delinda’s Coaching Programs or Mastermind Groups

Mastermind – This is a year long program designed for people that love to be a part of a community. Our close-knit group contains people of all investing levels that want to continue to grow their wealth, along with my team of Investing Experts that have experience in whatever area you are needing. We will do a conference call once a month and meet in person once a quarter. This group is going to hold you accountable, support you, and help you grow. The group dynamics really helps you to feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. No more Lone Ranger!

Coaching – If you are more of a one on one person than Delinda has just the solution. A six-month program, with one thirty-minute call per week, weekly reporting, four live events a year for free, and access to her team. She is also available for emergencies.

Interested in either program, or something else? Please complete the form below!

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