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Why am I a proud sponsor of Historic Wilmington Foundation?

1. I have learned a ton from their classes, contacts, tax preservation programs, and community service. I am a better historic preservation specialist, make more money, and have less stress because of what I have learned. Anyone having anything to do with historic homes needs to understand them. People say I am the market leader in historic home sales, and it is because of them and my great crews!!!

2. They don’t just provide invaluable information that helps the community understand historic homes, they have saved 150 from being torn down.

3. They have feverishly pushed to keep the tax credits for what we do and really affects the bottom line on your historic projects. State  and federal taxes are still available. Call Lucy to learn more.

4. They have established Legacy so you can find items needed to restore these homes. I can’t tell you how many times I have invested in homes where the only thing that looks historic is the foot print of the house, so being able to go get a claw foot tub, original windows, doors, historic hardware is just awesome. Can’t always find what you need but when you do….Score!!!!!

5. After the hurricane, over $100,000 in grants were made to home owners affected by the storm and couldn’t repair their homes. These homeowners would not have been able to live in these homes if HWF had not stepped in.

6. 20,000 third graders have been led on the Tar Heels go walking tour to educate them on downtown history. The youth is our future and educating them may help preserve the beauty of our downtown.

7. Historic Plaque program-showcases o we 700 historic homes and tells the story of these homes and the pioneers that came here to make this town great.

8. This is just a great group that believes in saving our history. Our town is so charming and if you get rid of “old” houses, you ruin the look and feel of this charming Port City.

So please consider volunteering for any of there programs. You will meet lots of fun and interesting people. Volunteers are needed April 6-7 fo the greatest event in town all year…THE AZALEA FESTIVAL HOME tour. Please contact the office at

THANK YOU HWF for all you do to make this community better.

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