What is the best way to find a real estate deal? It really depends on your current situation, but here are a few creative ways that you can use to find real estate deals.

But, the deal-finding method I love the most is networking. Whether you are new or seasoned, relationships are so critically important here. It is by far the greatest form of leverage and the best news is that it is cheap! I tell everyone I meet what I do.

To help you get started, here are some people you should be trying to establish relationships with Realtors, lenders, neighbors, contractors, previous buyers, previous sellers, other investors, and complete strangers. And, here are some smart tactics that I have been using for years. They work well. If you want to find deals, do these things.

Delinda HarrelsonAbout Delinda Harrelson

Delinda has bought and sold over 150 properties, been involved in hundreds more through consulting, mentoring, and coaching. It doesn't matter if you are burnt out, new to the game, a lousy rehabber, seasoned, successful or just plain curious, I encourage you to learn about the wonderful opportunities real estate investing can offer people. I am sure not the sharpest tack in the box, so if I can do it, you can, too.


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