It takes more than a hammer and nails to make money when flipping houses. It takes creativity. It takes vision.

2015 Wrightsville AveEvery house is unique. So is every deal. No two are the same. No two neighborhoods, two yards, two homes are the same. And, consequently, no two flips can be the same. What worked last time is completely irrelevant to this project.

Some people fail in flipping because they lack vision. They can’t see what the home could and should become. Great flippers are using both sides of their brain. 

If you lack creativity, bring someone on board that can help. You should know if you are artistic or not. And if your imagination is poor or merely average, you really need someone with a better set of eyes to guide you.

I can pretty much guarantee that that person is not your real estate agent. Or, your contractor. Or, your lawyer.

My mind has always been bent toward the creative side. I can easily see what a house can become, and because of that, I have been successful in flipping. Can you see what I see?

Don’t overlook this idea. If your finished flip is blah, or ho-hum, or same-old, same-old — you’ll never, ever see top-dollar sales. Never! 


Delinda HarrelsonAbout Delinda Harrelson

Delinda has bought and sold over 150 properties, been involved in hundreds more through consulting, mentoring, and coaching. It doesn't matter if you are burnt out, new to the game, a lousy rehabber, seasoned, successful or just plain curious, I encourage you to learn about the wonderful opportunities real estate investing can offer people. I am sure not the sharpest tack in the box, so if I can do it, you can, too.


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