Home Design Trends That Make Sense


“Home design trends come and go just like technological advances.”

Here are home design trends that can be timeless if you do it right! Nobody’s ever mad at a little natural light, or a color that goes with literally everything.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your living space with a minor renovation, it’s time to think of what you want to do… Do we want to stay in trend? Of course, we do!

Here are some awesome home design trends that make sense or just plainly, look really good in any house, including yours.

Window Walls

The first trend is the window wall – a lot of people have started to invest on a very expensive renovation and this is it. It’s mostly done in the kitchen because it’s known to be one of the most cramped areas in the house due to small walking space between wall counters and islands also in galley kitchens.

If you do this, it means less cabinet space but there’s a solution. The solution is to substitute high wall cabinets for a full length cabinet that can hold just as much the 3 wall cabinets. If you do this, it also means that you’ll have a lot of natural sunlight. With natural sunlight, it creates a feeling of space and warmth.

It’s a great installment to any house, natural light is never a bad thing. It’s also a really great view while you’re doing the dishes or cutting vegetables.

This is one home design trend that’s included that requires a renovation. If you want to do this, you’ll probably end up having to rent a dumpster for the upcoming renovation because there are multiple reasons why renting a dumpster for renovations are better than getting a trash hauler.Cream colored Cabinets

Another kitchen trend is having cream colored cabinets. Having lighter colored cabinets create an illusion of a bigger kitchen. Just like clothes, the darker or lighter the item, the smaller or darker the space it is respectively.

Another awesome part of having cream colored cabinets is that there are nice eccentric or muted colors that go really well with cream colored cabinets. It’s really versatile in terms of matching your kitchen with your personality. For more eccentric colors in the kitchen you can have shades of blue, red, orange, and green that will go with cream colored cabinets. For more muted colors in the kitchen you can have shades of brown or black, white and  muted hues of the eccentric colors..

Electric Fireplaces

Gone are the days of gathering firewood to stay warm at night. Gone are the days of burnt anything. However, the fireplace can still be a great place to gather up during any social event. But keeping warm during the winter months is still possible with an electric fireplace. It creates a nice controlled and steady “flame” with a nice wave of heat.

Having an electric fireplace means you don’t have to worry about a raging flame or the maintenance of a chimney and a fireplace. It becomes a nice wall decoration element in the house and it’s one of the home design trends that is still going strong. It also means you’re advancing with technology.

Moroccan Tiles

They don’t necessarily have to be from Morocco…just kidding. The style of this patterned tile creates an element of depth in tiled areas (mainly bathrooms). One trend with Moroccan tiles that work really well is using the same tile for the walls as well. If you choose a Moroccan tile with one main accent color, it gives you an accent color for the room.

Moroccan tiles aren’t necessarily just for bathroom floors and walls. They can be used for kitchen back-splashes or they can be used to surround a fireplace for a nice design element in any room. This home trend is piggyback riding on bold walls in rooms – it doesn’t necessarily have to be just walls, anything in the room can be the bold element.

Bold Walls

As mentioned earlier, this is a home trend that can be done by anything and doesn’t necessarily have to be a bold wall. But a bold wall is one of the easiest things to do and get rid of if you ever think of selling your home. A bold painted wall is a nice way to incorporate an accent color yet keep the simplicity of all the furniture.

With bold walls there are no rules. It can be anything and it’s just one wall per room and it doesn’t have to be multiple rooms. It can have patterns, it can be plain, it can be anything you want.

“Grown Up” Pink

We all know what millennial pink is, a nice mix of salmon pink with bubblegum pink a bright yet muted pink. But “grown up” pink is even more muted than millennial pink, partially remove the harsh bubblegum color and brightness and add a little bit of rusticness (dirt brown) and you’ll be left with a clay, earthy, natural hue of pink.

This new hue of pink is subtle, sophisticated, and subtle. It’s the adult version of millennial pink and we support it!

Now you know some of the home design trends that look good in any situation and a lot of these trends are doable yourself which is a nice affordable way to up the value of your home without too much stress, labour or time. Keep in trend!

Happy home improving!

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