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The number one problem I see with flippers.

“They Say All You Need Is Love, BUT IN Flipping You Need VISION!”

The number one problem I see with flippers, is they have zero vision when it come to ugly properties. This home sat on the market for months. I was so bogged down with projects I didn’t want another project. I called a number of people that were desperately looking for deals and not one of them could see through the ugly.

The main reason is they are not use to looking at ugly. People are not comfortable going outside of their norm. They want their investments to look like places they would live. Especially high income earners. The very thought of being in a place like this makes them want to run for the hills! As it becomes more of a sellers market people will have to settle for ugly and the ones that do it the fastest will benefit immensely. Especially before prices for ugly goes up, and they do every single time there is a sellers market.

I constantly hear that there are no deals out there. That is simply not true. The problem is, like I mentioned above, people don’t have the vision when a deal does come on the market. They expect to get a low price with minimum work, and that is rare to find unless you have a stellar reputation, contacts, know what things cost, and can move fast. The majority of the time flippers don’t have a clue what it costs to fix up a house, and the uglier the property the higher the expenses are in their head. To most flippers, they prefer a flip that looks like something they or their families live in.



Think about this logically. If the market is good or getting hot, why would a seller price a pretty house low? Like you, they want the most money for their home. Pretty houses are more in demand than ugly ones. There is a reason why an ugly house hasn’t sold….its ugly!!! So get the vision you need now, not after thousands of flippers have gotten it. As a real estate market gets hot, flippers become desperate to find deals and will begin to settle for harder and uglier rehabs. They will bid the properties up, especially at the auction block. Everything changes, so the sooner you accept the truth and develop your skills, the sooner you get in the game.

Remember, if you want to find deals you have to be comfortable with ugly and develop the vision and knowledge of what things cost to see what a home can become ASAP or be left on the sidelines.

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