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Some people are under the impression that real estate flipping is not right for them. They think that everybody else can make money through real estate flipping, but if they themselves were to try, they will get nowhere in a hurry. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Real Answers From The Flipping Coach

House Flipping – What to Look for When Walking a Property

12 Pre-Inspection Tips Before You Buy Your Next House to Flip

When buying a house to flip, there are several things you should look at before you buy it to prevent huge costs that may surprise you. Here are 12 things you should look at during your walk through and pre-inspection.

Tips to Make Real Estate Investing Profitable

5 Tips to Make Real Estate Investing Profitable

Real estate investing for profits is possible just about any time. Here is a list of tricks that can make real estate investing profitable.

Interesting Tidbits About Doors

Nine Interesting Tidbits About Doors

Our doors have been used over the centuries to announce special occasions such as weddings, births or funerals. Here are a few surprising facts about doors. These interesting tidbits about doors may help provide us with a better appreciation of an under-appreciated part of our home

More Than Just an Entrance – 3 Famous Front Doors of the World

The front door to your home is the first impression you make on those who visit your home. A front door not only presents an image as the entrance to your home, it also helps provide security. These gateways into a home can tell stories, or present an ambiance that gives the rest of the house character.

Home Design Trends That Make Sense

Home Design Trends That Make Sense

Here are some awesome home design trends that make sense or just plainly, look really good in any house, including yours.

home improvement project

6 Factors to Contemplate Before Embarking on a Home Improvement Project

Properly launching a home improvement project requires more than running to a home improvement center for supplies and bouncing off to work. There are six factors you need to contemplate when it comes to a home improvement project.

Warning Signals That a Residence May be Infested by Mice or Rats

As a real estate investor investing in historic properties to rehab, the concern that the home may be infested with rats or mice is a real concern. Here are specific signs that will signify if a home has rodent issues.

More Than Just a Table Support – Three Different Styles of Table Bases

When home staging your rehab, choosing the right table for the feel of the home can make a huge difference in the way the home is seen. Here are the three basic types of table bases and versions of each.

Promoting Luxurious Real Estate Properties Through Digital Marketing

There are many people buying homes, which has increased the number of organizations constructing new homes for sale. In this industry, there are substantial multinational organizations that have sufficient funds to the point where they can dominate the industry with ease. This is where digital marketing can help your reach more people.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Remodeling Contractor

There are some practical and commonsense tips for finding the perfect remodeling contractor that every homeowner planning an upcoming remodeling home project should seriously consider beforehand.

Anybody can get into real estate flipping The question is, will you flip or flop? With a bit of training, you can learn how to flip properties. With an experienced coach like Delinda, with several hundred transactions under her belt, your chance of flopping just went down immensely…  If you’re coachable, that is.

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