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Delinda Harrelson – The Real Estate Flipping Coach

Some people are under the impression that real estate flipping is not right for them. They think that everybody else can make money through real estate flipping, but if they themselves were to try, they will get nowhere in a hurry. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Real Answers From The Flipping Coach

The number one problem I see with flippers

In Flipping Houses You Need Vision!

The number one problem I see with flippers, is they have zero vision when it come to ugly properties. This home sat on the market for months. I called a number of people that were desperately looking for deals and not one of them could see through the ugly.

Get Top Dollar for Your Home

How House Flippers Get Top Dollar From Their Homes

I have tested the market time and time again over the last seventeen years. Things change, as do the wants and needs of buyers. The only way to stay current is to be in the trenches and test, which luckily for you Flippers, I am willing to do the leg work to make you guys more money.

2015 Wrightsville Ave Wilmington, NC

Set Your Rehabs Apart From Your Competitors! 

Inexpensive upgrades like bead board, crown molding and chair molding go a long way to make a home stand out. Add fresh paint and you are already a major contender when selling your home. See the difference it makes in these before and after pictures.

What is a “deal” on a house?

House Flippers-What is a “Deal” on a House?

Delinda HarrelsonThe Flipping Coach House Flippers - What is a “deal” on a house? As the real estate market gets stronger, people are finding it very difficult to find deals, but what exactly is a deal? A deal can be different things to different people.For most new...

Renovated Craftsman Bungalow

Before and After images of a renovated Craftsman Bungalow.

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

A special greeting of Thanksgiving time to express to you our sincere appreciation for your confidence and loyalty. We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day. Here’s to enjoying the...
Creative Ways to Find Real Estate Deals

5 Creative Ways to Find Real Estate Deals

What is the best way to find a real estate deal? It really depends on your current situation, but here are a few creative ways that you can use to find real estate deals.

Flipping Houses and How to Find Deals

Flipping Houses: How to Find Deals (Part 2)

Where do you start when you want to flip a house? Well, first of all, you need to find a house that is a perfect candidate for flipping.  That may be easier said than done. There are many ways to find wise deals. Too many ways, actually. Too...
Historic Preservationist Delinda Harrelson

With the Guidance of Historic Preservationist Delinda Harrelson

With the Guidance of Historic Preservationist Delinda Harrelson. Hats off to Casey Roman for taking on a big project and surviving it! Thanks for mentioning me!

Restored Queen Anne Bungalow

Where We Live: Restored Queen Anne bungalow on Dock Street WILMINGTON—After this house had been through Delinda Harrelson’s hands, it was barely recognizable. The historic-house flipper’s most recent project features a complete turnaround. From...

Anybody can get into real estate flipping The question is, will you flip or flop? With a bit of training, you can learn how to flip properties. With an experienced coach like Delinda, with several hundred transactions under her belt, your chance of flopping just went down immensely…  If you’re coachable, that is.

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