Delinda Harrelson – The Real Estate Flipping Coach

Some people are under the impression that real estate flipping is not right for them. They think that everybody else can make money through real estate flipping, but if they themselves were to try, they will get nowhere in a hurry. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

Real Answers From The Flipping Coach

More Than Just a Table Support – Three Different Styles of Table Bases

When home staging your rehab, choosing the right table for the feel of the home can make a huge difference in the way the home is seen. Here are the three basic types of table bases and versions of each.

Promoting Luxurious Real Estate Properties Through Digital Marketing

There are many people buying homes, which has increased the number of organizations constructing new homes for sale. In this industry, there are substantial multinational organizations that have sufficient funds to the point where they can dominate the industry with ease. This is where digital marketing can help your reach more people.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Remodeling Contractor

There are some practical and commonsense tips for finding the perfect remodeling contractor that every homeowner planning an upcoming remodeling home project should seriously consider beforehand.

Undertaking Due Diligence in Hiring

Undertaking Due Diligence in Hiring Professionals for a Home Improvement Project

Seeking out a variety of service providers and professionals to work on different aspects of your home improvement project? As a result, you need to understand the due diligence you must undertake in engaging the services of professionals to do work on your home improvement project.

7 Home Improvements That Don’t Pay Off

Home Improvements That Don’t Always Pay Off

Whether you are rehabbing a home to resell, or if it your permanent residence and you are simply tired of looking at the same thing, then please go ahead… rent a dumpster and turn start rehabbing. Regardless if it is an investment rehab home that you know you will be selling soon, or your personal residence, please keep in mind that some home improvements and other renovations do not pay off in the long run.

8 Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Developing a comprehensive home staging plan is the key to getting your home truly ready for showing to prospective buyers. Armed with what you should and should not do in regard to home staging, you will better present your home to prospective buyers and help you achieve top dollar for you home.

10 Reasons Why House Flipping can be a Good Business

10 Reasons Why House Flipping can be a Good Business

If you are interested in house flipping, a first step you may want to consider is visiting with other people who’ve pursued this type of business themselves. You can lean a great deal about the pros and cons associated with house flipping in this day and age.

How to Instantly Raise the Value of Your Real Estate

8 Tips on How to Instantly Raise the Value of Your Real Estate Property

For a seasoned real estate investor, buying and selling of properties can be such an attractive business. Most investors, however, do not understand how to generate profits within a given property in a relatively short time. Here are 8 important tips on how to exponentially raise the value of your real estate property instantly.

House tour interview

The Historic Wilmington Foundation Home Tour – Interview

Delinda being interviewed about the Historic Wilmington Foundation Home Tour and what makes it special!

Azalea Festival Tour Ready?

This home sat on the market as a for sale by owner for almost a year. When it first came on the market, I was too busy that I couldn’t take a project like this on. It needed everything!

Anybody can get into real estate flipping The question is, will you flip or flop? With a bit of training, you can learn how to flip properties. With an experienced coach like Delinda, with several hundred transactions under her belt, your chance of flopping just went down immensely…  If you’re coachable, that is.

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